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The key to effective communicating in the 21st century:  HELP MAKE YOUR COMMUNICATING AS PERSONAL AS POSSIBLE

So you should wear your heart on your sleeve?  No!

You should pry into others' private lives?  No!

You should TAKE IN (expect, listen for, invite) relevant aspects of the 4 qualities that help make your conversation partner a PERSON,

and GIVE OUT (explain, share, offer) relevant aspects of these same 4 qualities that help make you a PERSON.

The four are  Choices    Reflections     Emotion-Spirit-Personality (ESP)     Mindfulness

When conversation partners do this, their contact is #aspersonalaspossible.

And when this happens, uniquenesses meet.  Part of what makes you unique is on the table between the 2 (+) of you, and part of what makes the other(s) unique is there too.

Think back to when you last experienced this.  You had "the feeling of being felt."  So did your conversation partner.  You knew you were heard.  So did she.  You knew you mattered.  So did he.  You met as persons, not just as roles (teacher/student, woman friend/man friend, parent/child).  It's the experience of real intimacy.

Harvard professor Boris Groysberg and his colleague Michael Sind urged managers to help make their communicating as personal as possible in their June, 2012 article in the Harvard Business Review.

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