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PERSONAL COMMUNICATING AND RACIAL EQUITY has just been released by Kendall-Hunt.  

In just 63 pages, this manual responds powerfully to Martin Luther King's suggestion that, if people know how to "properly communicate" with each other, we can reduce the lack of understanding that fuels the fear that creates difficulties between people with different cultural identifiers.

"Properly communicating" means working to make your communicating as personal as possible.  This doesn't mean wearing your heart on your sleeve, singing Kumbaya, or prying into someone's private life.  It means Taking In and Giving Out relevant parts of your Choices, Reflections, Emotions-Spirit-Personality (ESP), and Mindfulness.  When conversation partners can do this, parts of their uniquenesses meet.  "Proper" communicating happens when uniquenesses meet.

PCRE is anchored in classical and contemporary research presented in short chapters and simple language.  It guides you through eight critical steps for enhancing your multicultural competence.

It's perfect for an equity workshop, a series of trainings at work, or as a self-help book.  It can also be a supplement in an intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, or race-class-gender course.  And it's only $12.95!  Purchase here.

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